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Eating and drinking health tips while travelling
The most common travel-related illnesses are gastrointestinal diseases. These problems appear due to eating raw foods, or because of poorly prepared foods. Low quality and contamination of water is another major source of digestive diseases:
– Avoid unpasteurised or not boiled milk and dairy products
– Use water purifiers, bottled or boiled water, or tablets
– Avoid ice cubes in drinks
– Avoid fruit and vegetables that have been washed in the local water
– Make sure food is cooked thoroughly and eat it while it’s hot.
– Eat those fruits and vegetables that you can peel like bananas, oranges and mandarins.
– Avoid raw fish, oysters, and other shellfish.
– Hotels and busy restaurants are safer choices in comparison with food from street stalls
– Take good care about your personal hygiene.

Make sure that your respiration remains unchanged when you travel since many health conditions appear and get worse due to increased respiration. Then people travel, they can experience more problems with high blood pressure, symptoms of asthma, cramps, seizures, insomnia and other concerns. It is even more difficult to meditate and remain mindful. For those people who may suffer from respiratory health problems, such as sinusitis, hay fever, or nasal congestion, they can apply this effective but totally natural home remedy: how to clear a stuffy nose or visit with this amazing breathing technique, possibly originated from yoa, that will clear a stuffy nose in about 40 s.

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